Are UV Tattoos Safe?

What are black light tattoos?

UV tattoos have been popular among party goers for the last 10 years or so. The ink that is used makes the tattoo invisible in regular light and readily visible under a black light, so they are invisible during the day but appear bright and vibrant at parties where black lights are often used.

How are black light tattoos applied?

UV tattoos are applied in the same way that regular tattoos are applied. However, they require more skill and take your time to apply. One of the things that makes applying a UV tattoo more difficult is the fact that a black light needs to be available and often used to ensure that the tattoo is being applied properly. Also, the ink is thinner, which makes it more difficult to work with. It is also more difficult to blend the colors.

What is special about black light tattoos?

While walking out on the street, sitting in an office, or engaging in daily activities, black light tattoos are invisible. They only become apparent when under a black light. It is common for party goers to have these tattoos applied on areas that would be easily visible at a party, like their arms, face, or legs.

Different color inks can be used with UV tattoos. This makes them light up at parties, so their appearance is quite captivating. While the idea of a UV tattoo sounds special and fun, there have been reports of individuals saying their tattoos began to fade or their skin turned yellow after spending time in the sun.

Who applies UV tattoos?

Some tattoo artists have made their own ink to be used with black light tattoos. However, concerns about safety have led many tattoo artists to stop applying these tattoos on their clients. At this point, the FDA has not regulated tattoo inks in general, including UV tattoo ink. Taking the time to learn more about these inks is a great way for you to decide if having one applied is worth the potential risk.

Awareness regarding potential health risks has led to some improvements being made with UV tattoo ink. This has led to a resurgence in party goers being interested in having these tattoos applied.

Are black light tattoos safe?

The FDA has not approved UV ink as being safe for humans. Some advertisements may suggest this, but this ink has only been approved for use in fishing and agricultural industries. There are no reliable studies that have been done on the safety of using this ink for human tattoos.

Those who have used UV ink for tattoos have reported a number of skin issues. They have had infections, blisters, and rashes because of the UV ink. There is also concerned that that UV ink may contribute to cancer.

There may be a connection with health risks and the presence of phosphorus in the ink. This chemical can cause rashes, pain, blistering, and a burning sensation in the skin. Even when this chemical is removed, reports have still been made to federal agencies that the ink can cause negative side effects.

Is removal of UV tattoos possible?

Yes. In the same way that traditional tattoos can be removed, dark light tattoos can also be removed. Laser tattoo removal will break up the UV ink in the same way that it breaks up ink that is used with traditional tattoos. It is worth noting that these laser tattoo removal treatments also carry risks. Those who are thinking of having a UV tattoo removed should also learn about the success rates associated with using laser tattoo removal.