Tattoo removal in the workplace

Changing Taboos on Tattoos in the Workplace

The standards and norms surrounding tattoos in American society have been changing for decades, and tattoos have become more common throughout our culture and the workplace. While it’s still unlikely that you will see a visible tattoo on most people in public, Pew reports that 40 percent of young Americans between the ages of 18-29 report having at least one tattoo. Tattoos can serve as part of a person’s identity, persona or image, however that can make the hiring process a little more difficult for certain people. Many companies expect that tattoos will be covered up while an employee is on the job, especially if an employee’s role involves interaction with clients and the public. Certain tattoos – such as gang tattoos, hate speech or disrespectful images – will serve as a disqualifying factor in most positions. This is especially true for the U.S. Armed Forces.

While some jobs expressly prohibit all tattoos or specific types of tattoos, most employers are fine with their employees having tattoos under the condition that they are covered up. An employee can work for a company for years without ever needing to expose some of the most popular spots to get a tattoo (like the chest, armband and back). Some employers even find that tattoos can add to the aesthetic of their business (such as certain restaurants, bars and coffee shops).

A Harris poll in 2012 reported that 20 percent of all American adults have at least one tattoo, but many report facing a social stigma when they pursue new employment opportunities. Facial tattoos can be a special barrier for many job seekers, as they are especially rare among the workforce. Even people with tattoos in conventional places on their body report judging people with facial tattoos more harshly. Facial tattoos can be intimidating for customers, clients and coworkers alike, and you should give extra consideration before purchasing a facial tattoo. Some reports indicate that tattoos may be more accepted on the West Coast and East Coast of the United States, while they may be more marginalized in the Midwest, the Plains States and the South.

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