Describe PFD Patch

Shorten your Tattoo Removal Duration with the new DESCRIBE® PFD Patch

Today, everyone is stretched for time. Whether we wait at the doctor’s office, at the airport or simply in line at the grocery store, we all want do things faster with minimal wait.  When you are considering Tattoo Removal there is minimal wait time, but you must visit the clinic multiple times for to achieve the best results.  At Rochester Tattoo Removal, we now have an amazing new technology that allows patients to achieve the results of 3 to 4 visits in only one visit!

The new technology is called  DeScribe PFD Patch, a fast, safe and effective approach that allows up to 4X more passes in a single treatment!  This silicone patch is infused with perfluorodecalin, an ingredient in skin moisturizers. The patch allows your tattoo removal specialist to make several passes with the laser that removes the tattoo—and no having to wait around a half-hour for your skin to calm down or, require numerous office visits to finish the procedure. In clinical trials, patients said the removal process was less painful with the patch, and they healed faster with it. And 65 percent of tattoos that were treated with the patch disappeared faster than without it.

Some additional benefits of the PFD Patch include:

  • The Patch allows up to 4x as many passes in each treatment session versus without the Patch.
  • Allows higher laser fluence for targeting more stubborn ink.
  • Helps reduce the pain associated with Tattoo Removal
  • Reduces light scattering which allows for deeper penetration.
  • Less injury can translate into faster healing times. Faster healing times can translate into reduced time between treatment sessions.

So if you are seeking a safe and more effective tattoo removal solution, visit Rochester Tattoo Removal in Rochester, NY where we can treat your tattoo up to 4x faster with the PFD Patch. At Rochester Tattoo Removal, we are elevating the standard of care of our patients with technology that makes your tattoo removal even more effective than before.

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