How the Sun Affects Laser Tattoo Removal

Having an immune system that’s in tip-top shape when you have laser tattoo removal will help accelerate healing after you have this procedure done. Maintaining your natural skin tone will help the process of removing your tattoo with a laser go smoothly and quickly. Information on how sun exposure can affect laser tattoo removal follows.

What the Sun Does to Your Skin

The sun’s rays can give your skin good color and make it radiate a healthy-looking glow. Basking in the sun also offers other benefits. Sun exposure triggers the production of vitamin D, and this vitamin strengthens the immune system, boosts metabolism and keeps teeth and bones healthy. Exposure to the sun also triggers the production of melanin that absorbs radiation from the sun’s rays and tans your skin.

When it comes to laser tattoo removal, the production of an increased amount of melanin can make your skin less responsive to this procedure. The tan you have could prevent the laser from adequately breaking up the ink in your skin. In order for fast and effective tattoo removal to occur, it is best if you stay out of the sun and maintain your natural skin tone.

Advice on Taking in the Sun’s Rays

If you can’t avoid being in the sun, do your best to expose yourself to the sun’s rays for a maximum period of 10 minutes. Follow this rule whenever you venture outside, and wear sunblock that contains an SPF of 50 or higher. One that is transparent and fast drying is recommended.

It is also recommended that you avoid basking in the sun for 6 weeks prior to having laser tattoo removal treatment. And you are advised not to sunbathe for four weeks after treatment. The results of your tattoo removal treatment will be much better if you limit your time in the sun before and after laser tattoo removal.

What You Should Know About Getting an Artificial Tan

If you want to know if it’s okay for you to use tanning products before you have laser removal treatment, know that it is not recommended. Using artificial tanning products after treatment is also not advised. Products such as these should not be used to tan your skin two weeks prior to treatment and two weeks after.

The reason why artificial tanning products are not recommended is they expose your body to the toxins they contain when they are applied to your skin. These harmful chemicals have a negative effect on the immune system, and when your immune system isn’t as healthy as it should be, the impact on healing as your skin attempts to get rid of the ink from your tattoo may not be a favorable one.


If you have decided to have your tattoo removed, prepare for a successful and speedy outcome by staying out of the sun and away from artificial tanning methods. Doing so will bring faster results. Before long, you will be able to enjoy sunbathing again without feeling self-conscious about tattoos you don’t want anyone to see.

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