How Your Immune System Plays a Big Role in Tattoo Removal

How Your Immune System Plays a Big Role in Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal has been an effective procedure that many have used to remove tattoos, but the reality is the procedure is somewhat misunderstood.

Most people know that this treatment uses targeted lasers, and most people know that it removes tattoos, but that last part isn’t quite true. The lasers used during the procedure actually loosen up the ink that has been tattooed on the skin, but they don’t really remove anything.

That information blows most people’s minds since the name of the procedure is laser tattoo removal. With a name like that, you might think it is the laser blasting that ink away on your skin. Maybe you imagine, on a molecular level, some intense scene where blotches of black ink get flicked off of your skin with the help of laser blasters.

The reality behind laser tattoo removal lies below the skin; it is actually your immune system that does most of the heavy lifting. Now, no one is saying those lasers aren’t essential.

What this intense light energy does to the ink is break it down to smaller particles. These particles are small enough for the immune system to see them as enemies, so it rushes in and sends white T cells to absorb those small particles of ink. Of course, the immune system then simply gets rid of these particles, just like they get rid of any invading particle.

Most people know that the immune system fights off things like pathogens and toxins, but you probably didn’t know you could add tattoo ink to that list. The immune system is strange yet amazing.

Now, it is important to point out that the immune system isn’t perfect. This system has its limitations, and it does allocate its resources whenever necessary. You might be wondering what this has to do with tattoo removal, which makes sense. It doesn’t seem like there is a link, but a tattoo removal procedure can be affected if the immune system decides there is a bigger threat to worry about. If you get a cold, then the immune system is going allocate its resources to address your cold, so your tattoo removal treatment will drastically slow down. In essence, your immune system decided the the bigger threat to your body and overall well-being is the cold rather than the tattoo ink particles.

Knowing this about tattoo removal should help you understand why making sure you stay healthy and boost your immune system during this process is vital. Those who want a speedy removal should do everything possible to avoid being exposed to pathogens. This does mean staying away from anyone who looks sick, is coughing, or is sneezing. It also important that you eat healthier foods, especially the kind that help boost your immune system, such a garlic, ginger, spinach, yogurt, and naturally fermented foods.

You might also want to reconsider your tattoo removal start date if you feel like you are getting sick. You want to give this procedure the best possible start, and that is when you are feeling healthy and your immune system is ready to work hard for you. Besides, your tattoo removal specialist is not going to want to tax your body with extra work, so finish taking your antibiotics before you start this procedure.

Hopefully, this information helps you understand the tattoo removal process a little better. Those who have more questions should ask a tattoo removal specialist. The more you know about this procedure, the better it is for you and your Rochester New York laser tattoo removal specialist.