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Is it safe to get a tattoo over an old or removed one?

Common questions that come up after laser tattoo removal include can one get a tattoo after laser tattoo removal? Is it safe to get a tattoo over an old or removed one? The answer to all these questions is yes. It is possible to replace an old tattoo with a new one or to place a tattoo over an old one, but one should be very cautious.

What does laser tattoo removal entail?

Laser tattoo removal is the process of completely removing permanent tattoos from the body. It is more reliable and effective than any other tattoo removal method. The laser beams break down the tattoo into small pigments that dissolve into the bloodstream leaving the body part fresh and without any markings. Laser tattoo removal takes time depending on the size of the tattoo. One client may require only three visits to a specialist’s office while another client may need as many as 7 or 8 sessions.

What are some of the reasons that people go for laser tattoo removal?

Most people make rash decisions when getting a tattoo and more often than not they end up regretting their choices when they become older. Teenage years are the highlight of getting tattoos. Some teenagers do it as a form of rebellion to their parents, some while they are drunk, and even others get tattoos as dares. The tattoos, especially those that are as a result of dares, are often silly and teenagers regret their choices in their later years. Tattooing the face or name of your lover or partner in a relationship is also a common occurrence. Lovers make this decision during the best years of their relationship thinking that things will be rosy till the end and that they will never part ways. Unfortunately, most teenage relationships do not culminate into marriages, and people have to, therefore, seek laser tattoo removal to erase their choices.

After how long is it advisable to get a new tattoo after laser tattoo removal?

The body requires time to heal and regenerate its cells after laser tattoo removal. In the same way, a person needs time after a nasty divorce or breakup; the body also needs a break. 8 weeks is the minimum amount of time recommended to get a new tattoo after removing an old one, but some tattoos require more time. The old tattoo should be allowed to heal correctly with no signs of scarring, bleeding or blistering. A laser specialist can confirm if a tattoo is healed successfully after the process of tattoo removal is over. Even the slightest scar tissue will cause problems when getting a new tattoo.

After the go ahead is given by Rochester Tattoo Removal specialists, an individual should now start the process of searching for the right tattoo artist. Finding the perfect tattoo artist is a crucial part of replacing an old tattoo. Some tattoo artists are not very skilled, and the result is a undesirable tattoo that leads to regrets once again.  Once the new tattoo is done, the right care procedure should be followed to keep the new tattoo healthy.