Laser Tattoo Removal Before Getting a Cover-Up Tattoo

You may have loved your tattoo when you had it done, but your tastes have changed, or it faded, and you no longer care for it. Maybe you were never happy with the tattoo in the first place. Whatever the case may be, you may be considering a cover-up tattoo.

Cover-up tattoos are a great option for replacing a tattoo that you no longer want. These tattoos are tattooed over an existing tattoo to hide the original design or integrate it into a new original design.

Unfortunately, some tattoos make it difficult, if not impossible to cover up without getting laser tattoo removal or a blackout tattoo. If you’re not interested in keeping the tattoo or getting a blackout design, laser tattoo removal is another option you should seriously consider.

Do I Need Tattoo Removal for a Coverup Tattoo?

Work with an experienced tattoo artist and come up with a design that you would like to replace your current tattoo. Tattoo artists understand how tattoo ink works and mixes within the skin and can come up with creative designs and methods to cover up your tattoo.

Sometimes the new design may not work over the old tattoo and tattoo removal is necessary to get a sharp, clear cover-up tattoo. Existing ink may block or mix with other pigments or the design may interfere with the new design. If you had a black tattoo, it may be too dark for the new design to cover. In these examples, the tattoo artist may recommend laser tattoo removal. Laser tattoo removal makes any coverup design turn out better, making it worth the time and money for most people.

Will I Need Multiple Sessions?

Once again, this is a question to ask your tattoo artist. Laser tattoo removal breaks up the pigment in the ink so that it is small enough for your body to filter it out from beneath your skin. Darker, more saturated inks and certain colors are more difficult to break up and require more sessions.

The good news is that most laser tattoo removals for coverup tattoos don’t need to start with a completely blank slate, so you need fewer sessions than other tattoo removals.

What are the Risks of Laser Tattoo Removal Before a Cover-Up?

Your skin needs time to heal after having laser tattoo removal. This also gives it time to break down as much of the pigment as possible. There may be an increased risk of infection or other risks involved with getting laser tattoo removal before a cover-up tattoo. Discuss this with your tattoo artist before you begin.

They will provide you with personalized aftercare instructions that are critical to ensure your skin and tattoo stay healthy after getting it. Follow these instructions for best results and discuss your concerns with your tattoo artist.

Is It Worth It?

In most cases, tattoo removal is the best option to end up with a coverup tattoo that you will love and cherish for years to come. It ensures that your tattoo artist doesn’t encounter any unexpected problems with your design and allows the color to come out brighter and the design more detailed.