Safe & Easy Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is an innovative procedure that uses advanced laser light technology to remove unwanted ink from the skin. Before the introduction of lasers, methods like salabrasion, dermabrasion, and excision were used to scrape or cut ink out of the skin. These methods are very painful and almost always result in permanent damage such as scarring. Today, lasers are used to selectively target and eliminate ink without causing any harm to the skin.

Why are Tattoos Permanent?

laser tattoo removal in rochester new yorkWhen a tattoo is applied, a needle places ink pigment into the dermis, the deepest layer of skin. Immediately upon insertion, the immune system recognizes the ink particles as foreign material and sends phagocytes, bacteria eating cells, to remove them.

However, due to their large size and deep placement, the ink particles stay embedded in the dermis, permanently trapped in the skin. Over time, the phagocytes continuously eat away at the ink particles, explaining why tattoos fade and lose color over time.

The Removal Process

rochester new york laser tattoo removalLaser tattoo removal speeds up the natural fading process by shattering the ink particles, making it easier for the phagocytes to dispose of them. During a treatment, our Duality laser will emit ultra quick pulses of light energy onto the unwanted tattoo. The ink particles will absorb the wavelengths of light and shatter into tiny fragments that are smaller and easier for the immune system to naturally flush out.

Over a series of treatments, our laser will continue to break down the particles while the phagocytes dispose of the ink particles through the lymphatic system. This process is repeated until there is no ink left in the skin. Patients must wait 6 to 8 weeks between treatments to give the skin enough time to heal.

Rochester Tattoo Removal uses the best tattoo removal technology to ensure optimal ink shattering and fast results. Most patients experience significant fading within 1 to 2 treatments. Call our clinic today to schedule your free consultation and get one step closer to achieving clear, ink-free skin!