Preparing for Tattoo Removal in Rochester NY

No matter why you’re seeking out Rochester tattoo removal, it’s important to know that the process does require some preparation. Laser tattoo removal is safe and effective when performed properly by a trained professional, but you must do your part for treatment to be successful. The condition of your skin at the time of tattoo removal is important, so be honest with your tattoo removal specialist and follow these guidelines when preparing for your appointment.

Avoid Tanning

Both natural and artificial tanning should be avoided when you’re preparing for tattoo removal. If you do get a tan, you’ll have to wait up to two weeks to begin the removal process. It is best to wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 both before and after your tattoo removal.

Go Natural

Leave your skin in its natural state on the day of your removal appointment. The skin that will be treated must not be covered in any makeup, lotions or creams. Skip everything the day of treatment, including moisturizers and topical medications.

Finish Antibiotics

If your doctor has prescribed antibiotics for you, finish them before your tattoo removal appointment. You must stop taking any antibiotics for 14 days before your tattoo removal. It is important, however, to take your medication as directed. Never discontinue your medications without your doctor’s permission.

Let Your Tattoo Age

Fresh tattoos can’t be removed until they have healed completely. This takes eight weeks. It is important that you don’t rush this process. Wait at late eight weeks before beginning treatment to remove a new tattoo.

Don’t Try DIY

Tattoo removal creams simply don’t work. At Rochester Tattoo Removal, we believe that only laser treatment can effectively remove an unwanted tattoo. Attempting to remove a tattoo yourself will be ineffective at best and could harm or damage your skin. If you have already tried a tattoo removal cream, you’ll need to wait eight weeks before having your tattoo professionally removed.

Your tattoo can be successfully removed, but it’s important that the procedure is carried out in a safe manner. In order to ensure your safety, your technician needs to know about any conditions that could impact your treatment. So long as you’re honest during your appointment, you can expect the laser removal of your unwanted tattoo to be safe and effective.