Questioning the Safety of Non-Laser Tattoo Removal Options

While there can be little doubt that laser methods of tattoo removal are the best way to handle unwanted ink, there are still those who have an interest in pursuing alternative techniques that are not just unproven, they can also pose health risks.

Steering Clear of Non-Laser Tattoo Removal Options

Though there are numerous treatments that claim the ability to eliminate tattoos, there is no evidence to indicate that they are effective, and they may bring undesirable side effects as well. As such, undergoing laser removal administered by a skilled professional is the way to go in terms of getting rid of tattoos in a safe and comprehensive manner.


Prior to the advent of laser treatment as the gold standard in tattoo removal, dermabrasion was frequently used. This is a process in which the skin is scraped with a wire brush or other implements, often resulting in pain, discoloration, scars, and even infections.

Cream Removal Products

In the years past, removal creams were seen by some as a potentially helpful option in the realm of tattoo removal. Undoubtedly, having the ability to remove tattoo ink simply through the topical application of a cream is something that would indeed have mass appeal. The reality, though, is that such products are wholly ineffective. In addition, they can leave users with irritated skin, burning, scabs, itching and the possibility of a dangerous infection.

Tattoo Removal Via Acid Applications

The idea behind acid tattoo removal techniques is to create a chemical reaction on the skin. Many medical practitioners caution patients to avoid this type of process. This is because acid methods can result in discolored skin, burning, scars, and infections.


Those who do not opt for dermabrasion may be tempted to undergo salabrasion in which salt and water are used to scrub and eventually peel away the skin’s uppermost layers. Such a process requires multiple applications, often results in significant pain, and may leave scars and produce infections.

Tattoo Removal Via Surgery

Those who decide to undergo cryosurgery or surgical excision of their tattoos will have multiple layers of the skin cut out as a way to eliminate unwanted ink. Some dangerous side effects of surgical tattoo removal include scars, discolored skin, and a range of potential surgical complications.

Laser Tattoo Removal Remains the Gold Standard

It is not uncommon to have second thoughts about a tattoo, whether immediately after getting it, or perhaps many years after the fact. Fortunately, there are ways to eradicate art that has overstayed its welcome, but it is important to choose the right process.

Non-laser tattoo alternatives may be appealing for a host of reasons, but they are largely ineffective as well as dangerous to your overall health. If you are among those suffering with a tattoo design you no longer want and are interested in pursuing the latest in laser removal options, contact us today for a no-cost consultation. We are confident in our ability to give you and your skin a fresh, ink-free start.