Which tattoos are easiest to remove

Removal of older and new tattoos: Which is easier?

Having a tattoo is an exciting experience for many. People have tattoos for different reasons. Some for personal reasons, while others for fun. Whichever the case, what do you do when you no longer want your tattoo? Tattoo removal requires the right professionals and methods. The process should be permanent and clean to show no evidence of the initial tattoo. Many tattoo removal establishments pride themselves on having what it takes to give a pan of a successful outcome. For the perfect tattoo removal Rochester, NY, you need award-winning and world-class services. For you to get value for your money and your original appearance, settle for laser removal treatments like the Astanza System, performed by top professionals with a proven track record. Old and new tattoos have different levels of elimination and use different treatments.

Removal of older and new tattoos: Which is easier?

Common sense depicts that anything new is intact and in its place while something old is a little detached. The same applies to tattoos. A new tattoo is dark and has its ink intact, while an old one may be a little off. Tattoos in existence for more than a decade are more comfortable with eliminating compared to brand-new ones. An old tattoo requires about 4-6 treatments, while a brand-new one may take 7-8 treatments for appropriate elimination. Clients having tattoos for more than two decades enjoy the tattoo removal process. The process is swift and clean. Tattoo removal professionals similarly enjoy the process since it takes a split of a second. The following are reasons why older tattoos are not difficult to remove?

Two reasons why older tattoos are easier to get rid of:

1. Direct exposure to the sun

The direct exposure of the tattoo to the sun naturally fades the ink. Over the years, the tattoo ink breaks down gradually, making it lose its original shade. All the same, the effect of the sun is recognized over a long time. It essentially means that when you have a brand-new tattoo that needs getting rid of, spending endless hours sunbathing will not do the trick. It will not have any effect on your tattoo removal treatment sessions. It hardly means that you have to spend your lifetime by the poolside or the beach for the sun to remove your tattoo since this may have other damaging effects.

2. The body naturally separates the tattoo ink.

The body loves its natural being. It does not react positively to foreign beings and tries to maintain its natural state as much as possible. The moment you place a tattoo on your body, it receives the ink as a foreign compound and starts working on breaking it down to eliminate it. It is not a selfish act, but more of a protective one. The body separates the ink into smaller sized pieces to make it easier to get rid of. The process is not as easy as it sounds since tattoos have a great deal of ink. The process takes a long time and does not guarantee any significant results. For the body to effectively separate the ink into smaller pieces for it to process, you need a tattoo removal laser.

Whether you have a new or older tattoo, there are different treatments for significant results. If you have an older tattoo for removal, you may enjoy the process more than those with brand-new tattoos since you take fewer treatments. For the brand-new tattoos, brace yourself for a few more treatments, as long as the job is done correctly and no traces are left behind.