Tattoo Removal After Care in the Summer

Summer is definitely making its mark in Rochester, New York. The time to deal with the sun is not always a fun one, especially where sunburns are concerned. The more time a person spends outside, then the more they are for at risk of damaging their tattoos. Here at Rochester Tattoo Removal, we want to be sure that you have the best experience possible for removing those tattoos before the sun has the chance to damage them anymore.

What Does Sun Exposure Do to Tattoos?

Surprisingly, exposure to the sun can actually improve a tattoo removal. However, everything has to be done with extreme caution. The only time sun exposure is not suggested is right after the treatments are completed and while the skin tissue heals. The only thing that needs to happen once the location of the removal has healed is to apply sunburn to the area frequently to prevent from burning the skin. The sun’s rays actually work to fade tattoo ink over time, and it can also promote the formation of new, healthy skin. Gaining a tan from the sun is also a great idea to help the healing section of skin to change its pigmentation to look more like the rest of the skin. Any scaring will, therefore, have to blend in the rest of the skin. This task is called hyperpigmentation as the body is forced to cycle and even amount of melanin into the body.

The Problems with Sun Exposure

Of course, there are plenty of concerns about being out in the sun for too long. Most people are aware that spending too much time out and about in the sun without some sort of sunscreen protection can lead to painful sunburns. These sunburns can lead to blisters and illness if a person still spends too much time outside once the burn has happened.

When to Have a Tattoo Removal Done?

In many cases, the darker a tan a person has the less effective the tattoo removal will be. People with darker skin tones, therefore, will find that they need more treatments in order to have their tattoo removed. This task becomes more complicated when a person with a dark complexion goes out for a tan. The occurrence of this factor is because of the amount of melanin in the body. At the same time, people who have a hard time maintaining their skin’s natural color to the area being treated will find it more difficult to have control over how their tattoo removal sessions progress and how the skin heals from one session to the next. In other words, if fewer scars are desired, then the removal should be done at the beginning of summer, before skin has the chance to be truly damaged.

Preparing for Tattoo Removal

In order to prepare for a tattoo to be removed, people need to limit their time in the sun to a conservative amount. People who go to tanning beds should stop their visits for this service for a good while before going for the removal. The less irritated the skin is at the time of the tattoo removal, then the more time the skin will have to heal. If any special prep is ordered by the technician, then these steps should be taken to heart.


In order to properly prepare for summer, we at Rochester Tattoo Removal want to make sure that you make the most of your time in the sun. Be careful to make sure that you do not have too much sun exposure prior to a treatment, but make sure the sun can heal the skin once the treatment has been completed.