How to remove all the colors in the tattoo?

Tattoo removal is not a simple procedure. The ink used to create tattoos get injected into beneath the top layers of skin. That means the ink remains in place, even as the top layer of skin sloughs off. If you have a tattoo that you want to have removed, you need to do your homework before having the procedure done.

Here are five questions you need to ask before starting the tattoo removal treatment.

#1 How much does the consultation cost?

The consultation should be free. Every tattoo is unique and every tattoo removal is just as unique. You should expect a tattoo removal clinic to provide a free consultation to determine how much work is actually involved. The final cost of the removal depends on the tattoo’s size, age, colors used, and place on the body.

#2 Can your clinic remove all the colors in the tattoo?

Tattoos can have a multitude of colors. Removing all the color in a tattoo requires the use of special lasers that can break down all the colors of the spectrum. Black inks come out relatively easily. Reds are a bit harder. Blues, purples, and greens take the longest to break down.

The challenge is some black inks actually have a blue or green base. All tattoo removal clinics can remove true black ink. However, only those using the latest technology can remove those with a green or blue base.

#3 Is tattoo removal your clinic’s specialization?

Some clinics don’t specialize in tattoo removal. Instead, they have someone on staff using rented equipment to do a few removals a month. That is a clinic you need to avoid.

The clinic needs to specialize in the procedure and to use the latest technology to give clients the best treatment possible. The person doing the tattoo removal should be experienced and certified to do the procedure. Ask for proof of certification to verify their claims.

#4 How much does tattoo removal hurt?

Most patients who have undergone a tattoo removal procedure says the pain is about the same as it was when getting it put on. Some liken it to the snap of a rubber band against the skin. Of course, everyone has a different level of pain tolerance, so it will vary.

Clinics using the latest technology can use a specialized system that keeps the skin cool during treatment. This reduces the patient’s discomfort during the procedure and the time it takes to recover.

#5 Do topical creams actually remove tattoos?

Some companies are touting topical creams that are supposed to remove tattoos without the use of a laser or surgery. These creams are not approved by the FDA. They can also have severe side effects like skin discoloration, burns, rashes, and scarring.

These questions will help you determine if the tattoo removal clinic is the right one for you. Let us be your clinic of choice. Give us a call today to set an appointment for your free consultation.

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