Tattoo Removal in the fall is better

Why fall & winter are the best times for Tattoo Removal

The fall and winter seasons brings lots of goodness when it comes to skin and beauty treatments. Here are some of the reason why the fall and winter seasons tend to be preferred when undergoing laser tattoo removal procedure in Rochester, New York.

You are out of contact with the harsh sun

An experienced and skilled medical laser technical knows that sun may cause more damage to your skin during removal of the tattoo. Having a sunburnt skin may alter your laser tattoo removal process since the medical technical prepares a customized regimen treatment that matches with skin sensitivity level, color, and type. Having sunburn or tan makes your skin becomes more sensitive causing the laser session to become extremely irritation. A burned or tanned skin during the healing process may cause blisters and peel leading to a scarring look.

A person also risks getting hyperpigmentation that causes the permanent removal of your skin pigment. And it becomes noticeable once you have dark or tanned skin. It is advisable for a person who has undergone laser tattoo removal to avoid direct sun contact during the recovery period.

You enjoy a less noticeable progress

Laser tattoo removal process is more superior to the other known tattoo removal methods, but it’s not a one session procedure. The treatment runs for ten weeks with sessions varying from each. Also, the sessions depends on the color used when getting the tattoo.

As you start the process, your tattoo began to fade slowly giving scarring look hence the need to cover the affected area. Removing your tattoo during the winter season makes it easy to stay covered without raising any suspicion. Individuals with symbols on the most conspicuous places like arms, neck, and legs love removing the unwanted tattoo during winter. They can throw on scarfs, pants and sweatshirts avoid lots of questions from their family.

You won’t go for a plunge

Warm months mean time to take a dip and enjoy the weather. It involves lots of water skiing, swimming, ocean surfing hence giving you direct contact with lots of water. During your laser tattoo removal, you need to keep off from such activities. It is easy for your covered tattoo to get susceptible to irritants and bacteria’s hence leading to infections and unwanted scars before it recovers fully. Getting your laser tattoo treatment during the summer period may tamper with your vacation and plans making you miserable.

You will not mind having hairy skin

Once you remove the tattoo, your treated skin area starts healing, and hair starts growing since you keep off from waxing, shaving or plucking. It prevents you from shaving on regularly areas like bikini line or legs hence the importance of getting treated during winter. Touching on the treated skin may cause blisters and scabs. However during the winter period letting your skin get covered with hair is not a bad thing since you keep yourself fully covered making the whole recovery progress unnoticeable.

You become tattoo free before the next summer

During winter people tend to hibernate while summer is time to unwind. Removal of tattoo needs time to heal and winter months make the healing process faster.

The process of Laser Tattoo Removal

After years of having a tattoo, the ink gets attacked by your body immune system removing the ink through waste and sweat glands. The removed ink looks faded and distorted hence the need to remove it. Laser tattoo removal helps to remove the injected ink from your skin dermis layer without damaging the epidermis layers. The laser tattoo removal is painless, but at Rochester Tattoo Removal, we may apply cream or cold air through the cryogenic device to offer more comfort.