Why You Should Have Your Tattoo Lightened Before Covering It Up

Not In Love With Your Tattoo?

Perhaps you had a bit of a tipsy night and decided you were going to get a tattoo. Perhaps you made that mistake of inking your loved one’s name to your body only to find out that they weren’t your loved one after all. Maybe an artist just really messed up on your tattoo. Whatever your reason, you’re looking for tattoo removal or a cover-up. Before you sit down for the procedure, however, you might want to consider the benefits of tattoo lightening. This article will go over the benefits that you can expect with a tattoo lightening procedure before undergoing a cover-up.

1. Reduces Cost Of Cover-Up

When you have tattoo lightening performed, you’re basically fading your tattoo. This makes it a lot more difficult to see the fine details of the ink on your body. When you need to have that tattoo permanently removed, covered up, or changed, having the tattoo already light and difficult to see makes the canvas a lot easier to work with. For those who are having their tattoo removed, for example, the lightening has already faded the tattoo several degrees.

2. Safer And Easier Cover-Up

While you may feel as though you can dab a bit of ink on your arm in an attempt to lighten the tattoo yourself, you shouldn’t. It’s just as intricate as receiving a tattoo. As such, it should be performed by those who know what they’re doing. By attempting to lighten your tattoo yourself, you can not only severely injure yourself, but you can mess up your skin to the point where your tattoo artist will have difficulty inking the skin in order to cover up the unwanted tattoo in the first place.

By letting the experts at Rochester Tattoo Removal take care of the lightening, we can lighten the tattoo to the degree that they need for maximum results. We can judge just how light the tattoo needs to be in order for your tattoo artist to cover up the tattoo successfully. Once we have lightened up the tattoo, however, the cover-up process itself is made a lot easier.

Details that still remain can be hidden away or used in a different way in the new tattoo that is going to be used to cover up the original tattoo. You may even find that the lightening offers new shades that can be used for your new tattoo that makes it look even more realistic or unique aesthetically.

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If you want a tattoo covered up, then you should have an experienced Tattoo Removal clinic have it lightened first. It makes the process of the cover-up a lot easier, safer, and more effective. It can also save you money in the long-run. Lightening can also benefit those who are looking to have the tattoo removed entirely via tattoo removal services. Either way, lighten it for maximum results.